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Open eBooks

As part of the president's ConnectED initiative, the New York Public Library has partnered with several nonprofits and publishing companies to create an app that will allow students to access thousands of popular books for free.  Open eBooks is available to teachers at schools that qualify for the program based on First Book's eligibility guidelines.  This [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Music Theory

This comprehensive website contains tools that help students practice the theory aspects of music, ranging from simple staff identification all the way to the mechanics of chord progressions.  The website includes lessons to teach the techniques as well as quizzes that test student knowledge.  There are also tools that help students calculate certain musical relationships [...]

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Guided Reading Guide

Guided reading is an important part of the literacy curriculum, but it can become time consuming.  Irma De La Guardia, a teacher-turned-principal, has some advice.  And, yes, it involves getting the technology to work for you rather than the other way around.

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Dynamic Periodic Table

At first glance, this periodic table looks just like any other classroom poster periodic table, but the reality is much better.  Students can navigate directly to the Wikipedia page for each element, view properties of individual elements, create lists of possible compounds containing a certain element, and select detailed lists of elemental isotopes or orbital diagrams for a certain [...]

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Google Privacy Issues

Students at UC Berkeley have begun a class action lawsuit against Google, claiming that they breached state and federal wiretap laws.  What is especially concerning is that Google scans and stores data of anyone using its Apps for Education, whether or not that organization has turned ads off or not.  Scanning and indexing an inbox does [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Writing Exercises

The Writing Exercises website includes various types of story idea generators that are appropriate for use with any grade level.  Some of the generators include a first line generator, a random dialogue generator, or a three nouns generator.  There's even a random image generator to get students started writing their stories.   Website: Subject: Writing [...]

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Learning Designer

Learning Designer is a tool that helps you create lesson plans that incorporate many different learning experiences.  You name your lesson, describe it, and write up some outcomes that you want your students to achieve through the lesson.  Once you have the general framework, you can begin adding TLAs (Teaching and Learning Activities).  Each TLA [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Math Playground

Math Playground is a website that has several games for various ages that allow students to practice math and logical thinking skills.  Topics covered include addition, subtraction,multiplication, division, pre-algebra, fractions, decimals, geometry, and percents and ratios.  The website also includes several online math tools such as fraction blocks, pegboards, chart generators, and a bank of [...]

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