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Learning Management Systems

Today is all about learning management systems.  Which one is your favorite?  Are there any particular features in your learning management system that you couldn't do without?  Is there anything that's missing?  Let us know in the comments!

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Simple Wiktionary

If your students are struggling with the complex and often circular definitions found in regular dictionaries, Simple Wiktionary is the way to go.  The definitions are written on about a fifth grade reading level and avoid using technical jargon as much as possible (if jargon has to be used, it's linked to its own page [...]

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Microsoft Classroom

For those of you who use Microsoft 365 and are jealous of all the features available in Google Classroom, your time has come.  Microsoft is releasing its own classroom platform that is fully integrated with all the other  Microsoft 365 apps.  Classroom is a lightweight learning management system that allows teachers to set assignments and [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Duolingo

If you're looking for a way to incorporate a Rosetta Stone-like program in your classroom but don't have the funds, Duolingo is the way to go.  It's completely free and turns learning language into a game with levels and tokens earned that can be used to purchase upgrades in-app.  Duolingo incorporates reading, writing, listening and [...]

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Counting on your Fingers

Did you learn to do math by counting on your fingers?  The conventional wisdom is that finger counting is just a crutch that students should use until they better understand the underlying concepts of number theory, but a new study suggests that visual representations may be the key for helping students intuitively grasp mathematical concepts. [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Data USA

Continuing from the theme started last week, this week's tool provides a really cool way for students to visualize and compare census data from across the United States.  Students can input a particular location and see data about income, property values, education, professions, and race for that location or they can select a particular industry [...]

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So You Want to Work in Edtech?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the world of educational technology?  Have a really great idea that you want to share?  EdSurge has put together a great guide, entitled "So You Want to Work in Edtech?" that spells out the steps and skills needed for a career in educational technology.  (They even have [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: US News Map

The US News Map has taken digitized newspapers from 38 states and compiled them into a fantastic tool for historical studies.  Students can input a search term and a range of dates and then animate the map to see instances of that term in newspapers articles from those years across the country.  When available, students [...]

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