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Amazon Inspire

Are you overwhelmed by all the educational resources floating around the internet and don't even know where to start looking?  Do you have a few good websites that you fall back on but wish you could add more to your portfolio?  Amazon may have the solution for you.  They're developing Inspire, a comprehensive search engine [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Smithsonian Learning Lab

Can't swing a field trip to the Smithsonian?  No problem!  The Smithsonian Museum can now come to your students through the Smithsonian Learning Lab, a service that organizes videos, pictures, primary sources and other artifacts around certain topics.  Teachers can search for a relevant collection or create a free account and compile their own collections [...]

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Microsoft Adds Partners

Continuing on the trend set by their announcement about Microsoft Classroom in April, Microsoft has announced more good news about Office 365.  Some of the big changes are the ability for teachers to create PLCs and share content and information, better integration with, a revamping of Microsoft Forms to help teachers with formative assessments, [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers lots of great resources in many subject areas across grade levels.  The resources include interactive games, collections of websites, and videos for students to watch.  There are also lesson plans provided for teachers that incorporate some of the activities and games provided for students.  Right now, Discovery is featuring a comprehensive resource [...]

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PD is Coming

Summer is on the way, which means that it's time for some professional development.  People have different attitudes about PD, and adding technology to the mix can make it more exciting for some or more stressful for others.  Here's a guide for the four types of people you may meet in professional development and how [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works was started by a professor to provide people with clear and concise explanations of how the world works.  Combining videos, long form articles, slideshows, and quizzes, the How Stuff Works website is a great introduction to a variety of topics, especially topics that aren't traditionally covered in a class curriculum (income tax, [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: IXL

IXL is a great practice tool to get students to improve various skills without having it feel too much like work.  IXL presents students with problems that vary difficulty based on whether students answer them correctly or incorrectly and provide detailed explanations for the problems students get wrong.  The desktop version of IXL offers practice [...]

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Fifty States Project

Do you want to share the success you've had using technology in your classroom?  The Fifty States Project is looking for teachers to contribute detail rich narratives about the lessons they have learned and tips they have for other teachers.  If you're interested, you can apply for the project here.

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