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Tool Tip Tuesday: Learner Interactives

Learner Interactives provides students with high quality engaging ways to explore topics inside and outside the classroom.  Covering a variety of topics, these interactives range from simple choose-your-own adventure explorations of history and economics to games to lessons that incorporate instruction and interactive content.  The website also includes lesson plans that cover some of the [...]

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Grants to Improve Testing

Are you interested in improving the standardized tests that are administered in your district?  The Department of Education is offering grants to state educational associations looking to update and evaluate their testing programs.  Apply now because the application process closes on September 22!

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Tool Tip Tuesday: On This Day

If you're looking for an easy to use website that aggregates things that happened on a certain day in history, On This Day is a great place to start.  You can enter a specific date and see what happened that day and even filter the results into history, film & TV, music, and sports categories. [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: PBS Election Central

Election years provide social studies, government, and history teachers with a wealth of real-world connections to the curriculum.  PBS Election Central compiles a wealth of resources that teachers can use to educate students about the election process and put this year's events in historical context.  There are videos and lesson plans for the debate and [...]

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New Classrooms, New Math Instruction

Personalization in education is great, but many teachers know that it can strain a teacher's resources in an already time-crunched classroom.  Other teachers struggle with methods to engage students with different skill levels and learning styles.  New Classrooms has developed a system that can help teachers overhaul their classroom and teach each student at their [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: e-Learning for Kids

If you're looking to transition your classroom to more of a flipped classroom or blended learning model but don't know where to start looking for content, check out e-Learning for Kids.  This website provides lots of high-quality interactive lessons and activities for students that can also be used to supplement older textbooks, especially in subjects [...]

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Statistical Swindles

In a subject that is near and dear to my heart, Jin-Soo Huh from Alpha Public Schools has created a guide for teachers who are looking into statistics about the usefulness of a particular edtech tool.  Three main points: make sure the results were actually statistically significant (p<.05, and they had better show you some [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Ready or Not, Let the Games Begin

The whole world is excited about the Olympics this week, but many concerns have been raised about Rio's readiness for the event.  Ready or Not, Let the Games Begin is a story map that overlays cultural, political, and geographic information over maps of Brazil and other related areas to give students a more rounded view [...]

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Digital Citizenship Standards?

With more and more students using technology for education both in and out of the classroom, digital citizenship training is more important than ever.  But many teachers received their initial training before the personal computing explosion and don't necessarily have the resources to teach students about this new and very important subject.  The teachers at [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Fun English Games

Fun English Games provides a way for your students to practice basic language arts skills in a way that doesn't feel like work.  Games cover topics from descriptive writing to prefixes and suffixes to following written directions.  There are also word searches, crossword puzzles, and hangman games for students to play as well.  Fun English Games also [...]

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