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Changes to Title I Funding

Since its passing, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (now Every Student Succeeds Act) has provided funding for low-income schools through language present in its Title I.  After failing to lay out a set of rules to update the "supplements not supplants" stipulation for funding, the Department of Education finally handed down its regulations at [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Animals, Adaptation, and the Galapagos Islands

I've been working with second graders recently at the local nature center and they're learning about the ways animals adapt to survive so this got me looking for resources that can be used to fill that particular standard.  Smithsonian has some great interactives that cover the topic of adaptation and its sister concept, evolution.  A [...]

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Character Every Day

If you're looking for a way to introduce character education into your classroom but don't know where to start, check out the resources from Let It Ripple.  Their resources are organized by different character strengths and include things like articles, books, lesson plans, movies, games, and links to outside resources and organizations.  Further, the character [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: OER Aggregators

Today's Tool Tip Tuesday is a little different.  Instead of reviewing one particular website or tool, today I'm listing a handful of websites where you can find Open Educational Resources, which range from online interactive activities to readings to quizzes to high-quality images.  Most websites are organized by grade and subject level so you can [...]

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Personalized Learning Report

Education Elements has put together an annual report about the impact of personalized learning over the last school year. Check it out here (bonus: unlike a lot of end-of-year educational reports, it's actually readable!)

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Bainbridge Reading Games

Christina Bainbridge, an early elementary teacher from Michigan, has put together a great list of online resources that help students practice reading skills.  Topics covered include phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Website: Subject: Reading, Language Arts Grade Level: K-3 Price: Free

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Apple Kills the Headphone Jack?

With its announcement of the new iPhone, Apple has abandoned the headphone jack in favor of the Lightning port or Bluetooth listening devices.  Some people are claiming that this means that headphones are going to become obsolete (like the iMac made floppy discs obsolete at the beginning of the millennium) while others claim that the [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: The History Place–Labor Day

Hopefully everyone had a good Labor Day weekend and was able to get some relaxing in.  Too many students nowadays don't understand the relationship between the struggles of the labor and worker's rights movements and the barbecues and pool parties that happen each September.  The History Place has compiled a photo essay about child workers [...]

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50 States Back to School

If you're looking for some tips on how to get started this school year with technology in the classroom or are looking for input from teachers in your state about their opinions on technology, check out EdSurge's 50 States Project.  This edition has sourced opinions on how technology has been changing the classroom and ways [...]

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