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Tool Tip Tuesday: Twiddla

Twiddla is a great free tool that allows students to share a collaborative whiteboard without having to download an extension or log in to a service.  Through Twiddla, students can also navigate through and annotate webpages to collaborate on projects even if they're not in the same location.  Twiddla offers a few premium features like [...]

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Presidential Education Policy

This year's debates have been rather lacking in substance, so you may be wondering exactly what each candidate proposes in the realm of education.  Ballotpedia has a comprehensive list of each candidate's and party's platform so that you can make an informed voting decision.

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Edublogs

Blogs are a great way for students to express their thoughts and keep track of their various reactions to a topic.  Edublogs is a blog hosting service designed for students that allows them to create their own blog and upload videos, podcasts, and documents.  Signup doesn't require an email address so even young students can [...]

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How to Choose an Edtech Tool

There are so many different edtech tools out there to use with your students that it can feel overwhelming trying to decide which ones to use.  LinkedIn has put together a short (less than an hour!) course that can help you evaluate the usefulness and fit of any tool that you're considering using.  You need [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: FANschool

An understanding of current events is hugely important for today's students, but it can be hard to get them invested in things that are happening countries or even states away.  FANschool transforms the study of news events into a fantasy sports game where students research either countries or states and draft them based on how [...]

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World Teacher Day

Yesterday was World Teacher Day, but we at MXN think the work teachers do deserves much more than just one day.  Thank you for the countless hours you put in and all the hard work you do to make sure your students succeed.  We couldn't do this without you!

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Storyboard That

With the shift to more visual forms of education over verbal (graphic organizers, anyone?), lots of teachers are turning to storyboarding and its cousins.  Some students are intimidated by these assignments because they are self-conscious about their artistic skills, so a program that allows them to use pre-created artwork to create their storyboards is ideal. [...]

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