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Teachers and Neuroscience

For  our last post of 2106, we turn to a subject that is near and dear to my heart: neuroscience.  There's a new movement in teaching called Whole Brain Teaching that uses strategies gleaned from neuroscience to influence teaching methods.  For example, students will create and learn body movements that correspond to certain vocabulary words, which [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Santa’s Village

Today's Tool Tip Tuesday is getting into the spirit of the season.  Google has released their annual Santa tracker app but this year it includes an Advent calendar with fun games and learning activities for each day.  Students can practice their map knowledge with several map games and explore the map to learn things about [...]

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Community Insights Report

Civitas Learning, a technology company that builds software that measures student engagement with online content, has released their second Community Insights Report that aggregates the data that they have collected over the years.  They have identified four markers of engagement with a learning management system that correlate to student success: attendance, LMS grades, course material engagement [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Flip Quiz

The semester is coming to an end, which means that it's time for review in the classrooms.  For most teachers, this means some sort of jeopardy game, either created through Powerpoint or written on a whiteboard, both of which can be time consuming and run the risk of losing student engagement.  Flip Quiz solves most [...]

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Blogging in the Classroom

I've talked about EduBlogs on Tool Tip Tuesday before but it might not be obvious how to use them in your classroom.  Blogs are a great way to increase your students' written outputs without increasing the amount of grading because it is easy to "outsource" the review process to peers or communities of blog buddies [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Code.Org

Computer Science Education week is well underway and you may be looking for activities that will engage student  interests as well as teach the basic principles of coding.  Code.Org is a great repository of activities that teach students how to program sprites on the screen to perform certain activites and even create their own games. [...]

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From Hour of Code to Year of Code

Next week is Computer Science Education Week, and some teachers might be wondering if there's a way to incorporate computer science education as more than just an hour of code.  Sheena Vaidyanathan has three big ideas to help incorporate coding into your students' lives and make computer science principles something that they can use in [...]

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