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Tool Tip Tuesday: Showing Evidence Tool

Getting students to think critically about and with data is one of the most important aspects of teaching in this information saturated world.  Intel's Showing Evidence Tool gives students the opportunity to compile and organize support for a provided prompt while assessing the validity of the source and explaining how each piece of evidence supports [...]

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Breaking Stereotypes in STEM Education

Most students don't understand the influence that women (and especially women of color) had on the early development of computer technology and other science fields.  Hidden Figures (the movie) did a great job of shining light on the human computers who made the moon landing possible, but there are many other stories that need to [...]

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Tool Tip Tuesday: Zooniverse

Research has shown that students, especially female students, are turning away from science at a young age because they think it is either too hard for them or too boring.  Citizen science projects, like the ones hosted on the Zooniverse website, show students that anyone with a computer can be a scientist and can contribute [...]

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