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This website contains a list of all Hewlett-Packard Enterprise wired and wireless network hardware and software, with list pricing.  To determine your individual USETPA pricing please multiply the shown list prices by 0.65 to calculate the MXN offer price for small order quantities.

Products and their list prices are shown in two ways:

  • In the rest of this website, which is a more detailed list of the wired and wireless network hardware that’s considered the mainline product, with associated modules and connection options. The pricing shown in this detailed list is as said the list pricing; apply the 0.65 multiplier to any listed price to determine the sale price for small quantities, or ask MXN for a special quote.  List prices and product availability are subject to change based on the manufacturer’s published list pricing. You can always email us to request a quote or give us a call to verify your pricing.

You can build a complete, managed, high-performing network using the components off this more detailed list.  The listed hardware allows the creation of a very high-capacity, Layer 3 and Layer 2 wired network with gigabit or 10 gigabit trunks (and in some situations, 40 gigabit trunks) between wiring closets.

All of the wired switches on the detailed list come with the standard Hewlett-Packard lifetime warranty that includes free next-business-day shipment of replacement components or switches, free software updates, and free technical support (24 x 7 support for 90 days; 5 x 8 technical support thereafter).  The wireless components come with the standard Aruba warranties and have support upgrades that bring wireless to match the switch warranties.

All wired and wireless hardware listed here can be managed by Aruba’s AirWave integrated management system, and can also be managed from the cloud with Aruba Central.  

MXN offers free product selection and design services, if you need assistance in optimizing your networks.  MXN also offers project management, technical implementation, troubleshooting, and support services at attractive prices. Contact Us to request a consultation or quote for technical services.

MXN is ready to answer all your questions! You can reach us by simply selecting the Contact Us button at the top of any page of this website. You can also submit purchase orders emailing your purchase order to If you’d like to speak directly to a member of our inside sales staff, feel free to call us at 770-926-1884.  We will always send you shipment advisories to alert you as soon as your products are on the way. Communication with our customers is very important to us, we do our best to take care of you! We do accept credit cards, and add a small processing fee to cover our costs.

Here’s a link to reach current product and technical news that we think interesting and appropriate.  Check it periodically, because we do post information here frequently.

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