So this is the absolute first time I have ever posted anything on a Blog.  Not really sure where to start or what to say other than the purpose of this is to shed light on technical issues and inform our customers (and anyone else that cares) about them.  The hope is that the information provided here will be useful.   Most of the time switches “switch”, routers “route”, and so forth.  I thought I would start off with something that really made me laugh.  It’s my own technical problem on a MAC that is well over a year old now.  First off I am not a MAC nor am I a PC.  I call myself a hybrid and if you looked at my desk you would see both MAC and PC side by side.  Truth is I have found over the past year that there are some things that work better on a MAC and others on a PC.  Normally I will discuss real technical issues or “how to” items but this one is too good to pass up.  I run Microsoft Outlook on both my MAC and PC.  Most of the time Outlook works on both platforms quite nicely.  Since I first installed Outlook on my MAC I got this message.  It’s there every time I fire up Outlook.  Other than the fact that it’s an excellent math problem why has this happened?  Welcome to my nightmare!  So I first contacted Microsoft who referred me to Apple who referred me to our hosted Exchange provider who then referred  me to Microsoft and so on . . . .   You can see where I am going with this don’t you?  Everyone wants a resolution to their issue and I will continue to search for this one but I am less inclined that I will find an answer.  The good thing is I don’t think I ever have to worry about my password expiring.