We’re halfway through our first major upgrade of ePortal, our managed tablet product, and as major upgrades go it looks pretty darn good. We have number of K-12 customers using it as an alternative to BYOD or one-to-one with conventional (Apple, Google, Microsoft) tablets and laptops. This upgrade has added dynamic assignment of e-Books, videos and offline web pages, so that it can now support offline learning at home for those students without Internet access there. We’ve also invented the concept of chain-tabbing, which lets students tab forward in websites without losing their places-all onward links are appended to the original link in a hierarchy–pretty neat for keeping all online references in a single group, and under a single view. We’ve also closely linked to an optional video creation and serving system. which embeds full-motion video from lots of sources into our content creation framework.

We’ve also just added back dashboard sharing, which was a feature of 1.6. Dashboard sharing allows teachers to create content and then share it to other teachers, to other schools, or to other school systems. 2.0 has also allowed teachers to create student groups more flexibly, which then allows students to dynamically select their class’ educational content when they walk into the relevant class. A better notification system is also included.