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Downloadable applications

Do you need to provide information and services to your customers and employees; all of who carry around smart phones and use them continually?  We have a quickly-developed framework app that can be downloaded to iPhones and Android phones and tablets.  This aggregates all of the information found on different web links and documents, and places it in a single location, with a set of easily-navigated tiles.  It’s a way to organize up all of the information clutter that’s grown up over the years and present it in a single place, without having to re-write all of those other websites.

Additional, built-in services

This application also includes a service ticketing application that takes customer and employee requests and automatically dispatches them to the correct department; escalating them properly if not closed out in a specified time.

There’s also an emergency notification system that allows you to send notifications with SMS texting or PUSH notifications to all users, groups of users, or even individual users.

Easy contact system

The application facilitates one-button-push communications by voice, text or email.  You can link an unlimited number of contacts to the application.   You can also build in a directory or phone numbers or email numbers.

We have taken this feature and developed a one-button emergency contact system for users—just push the blue button on the application, for example, to be automatically connected with a responder.  When the emergency button is pushed the system uses geo-locates built into smart phones to place the caller on a campus, city or county map.  This has great utility on college campuses.  It can also be used by constituents or employees anywhere to summon emergency help.  This can replace expensive security phones at a fraction of their cost.  Need emergency roadside assistance?  Push a button and they’ll know where you are and what you need.

Quickly implemented

This application can be thought of as a framework application, and as such it can be easily configured and made available.  A basic implementation—with lots of built-in features—takes a matter of a week or two.


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