Ever needed to have a highly redundant, high capacity, virtualized data center but don’t know how to get there?  We design and build Fortune 500-class data centers for small commercial and education and local government customers.  Select one of a series of our pre-designed configurations and we’ll implement one for you.

We implement new data centers, which are combinations of servers, storage, high capacity networking and redundant power in small racks.  Forget the classic way of designing a data center as a one-off and then providing an expensive facility to house it; most new data centers can fit into a single rack.  Or, two racks, separated by distance and made instantaneously redundant to each other.  Pick one of our standard configurations, based on the number of servers or applications you’re planning to replace.  These new data centers get installed in a matter of a week or two while your existing data center continues to run, and then you transition your old servers and applications to these new data centers over time, as you have time.