ePortal is a perfect alternative for supporting a one-to-one education alternative or a remote worker program.  It’s a tablet computer system that’s deployed easily—almost instantaneously—and then requires very little ongoing management.

MXN now offers a centrally managed, very secure system of tablet computers.  These tablet computers require no configuration, don’t need anti-virus, NAC or mobile device management (MDM) software.  They also don’t need VPN software or content filtering software.  Once the single control server is installed, configured and integrated with the network, hundreds of tablets can be deployed in a matter of hours.  Content control is absolute—the users cannot access anything other than their assigned content and applications, and if desired all remote communications are automatically brought back to the data center for highly secured access.  Lost or stolen devices can be locked out and rendered unusable at the management console, and no information is stored on the tablets, so it can’t be stolen.