Meru Support Migrates to Fortinet’s FortiCare System

Fortinet Customer Service & Support is now providing service to existing Meru customers and partners through its Support Portal, by telephone and live chat.

Meru customers can now access their account information and installed base through the Fortinet Support Portal.

Activate Your Fortinet Support Account

Visit our Support Portal at to activate your account.

As an existing Meru Customer and Partner you do not need to Sign Up for a new account.

Simply enter your email address on the ‘Log In’ tab and follow the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ option. 

Once your account has been activated you will be able to see details of your installed products and contracts, open new tickets, obtain firmware, and much more.

Account Maintenance
We would suggest that you perform some basic maintenance on your support account:

  • Review the list of users linked to your account.  Update or delete where necessary.
  • Choose an owner for your account and replace the ‘nobody@’ that is currently assigned.
  • Review your list of account assets.

Contacting Fortinet Support

Fortinet Customer Service & Support provide assistance to their customers through their web portal at, by telephone at +1 408-542-7780, and over live chat.

Our ‘Contact Support’ page at provides a list of local toll free telephone numbers that may be used to reach us.

Open Support Tickets

All open Support Tickets will continue to be worked by our technical teams however, they will be allocated with new ticket numbers to replace the existing reference number.

Additional Information

Further information regarding these changes including notes of Support Account Management, Ticket Creation, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions is available in our Knowledge Base at:

If you have any questions relating to these changes, or if you experience any difficulty in activating your Support account then please contact us at