Tool Tip Tuesday: FANschool

//Tool Tip Tuesday: FANschool

Tool Tip Tuesday: FANschool

An understanding of current events is hugely important for today’s students, but it can be hard to get them invested in things that are happening countries or even states away.  FANschool transforms the study of news events into a fantasy sports game where students research either countries or states and draft them based on how many media mentions they think each state or country will get.  Just like fantasy sports, students select their initial lineup on draft day and they can trade “players” week to week if they want to improve their standing.  Teachers select how long the competition lasts, and at the end the team with the most points wins.  FANschool also includes a special election game where students have to predict whether certain states will go red or blue in the general election.

Subject: Social Studies, Current Events
Grade Level: 3-12
Price: Free for up to five users, $99/year for up to 150 users

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