Tool Tip Tuesday: Logic Puzzles

//Tool Tip Tuesday: Logic Puzzles

Tool Tip Tuesday: Logic Puzzles

In this increasingly computer-driven world, logical thinking is something that students need now more than ever. But how can we get kids using their brains that way?  Remember those grid-based logic puzzles that we all did during elementary and middle school? (I know I sure do!)  Now there’s a website that offers thousands of unique puzzles with varying levels of difficulty.  Students simply go to the website, select the size and level of puzzle they want to solve, and then the website creates a puzzle to their specifications.  The easy to use interface (one click for false and two clicks for true) makes it simple to solve the puzzles, and students can even sign up for a free account to keep track of their progress and achievements.

Subject: Logical thinking
Grade Level: 3-12, or any student with solid reading comprehension skills
Price: Free, although premium memberships are available

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