Tool Tip Tuesday: Nearpod

//Tool Tip Tuesday: Nearpod

Tool Tip Tuesday: Nearpod

Today’s tool is more of a content framing device than a subject matter tool. Nearpod allows you to create and share presentations with students, but unlike other presentation programs, the teacher is in control of the pacing of the presentation. While students have access to the presentation on their own devices, they can only see a new slide when the presenter moves on. Each presentation is linked to a unique PIN that students input on their devices. (If you’re familiar with Kahoot, it’s the same idea). Nearpod also allows teachers to embed interactive content, like videos, webpages, and quizzes into the presentation and get real-time feedback on student performance and understanding (and share that feedback with the class in the midst of the presentation). If you’re interested in using Nearpod in your classroom you can sign up for a WebiNear and learn all about the cool features available.

Subject: All subjects
Grade Level: All grades
Price: Free accounts are available, but some of the more advanced features require a subscription ($10/month, school and district prices available)

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