Tool Tip Tuesday: PhET Simulations

//Tool Tip Tuesday: PhET Simulations

Tool Tip Tuesday: PhET Simulations

It’s time for the very first Tool Tip Tuesday! Every Tuesday I’ll post one of my favorite educational tools and some tips about it, such as the subjects and grades that it would be most appropriate for.

First up is one of my absolute favorite online tools: the PhET simulations developed by the University of Colorado Boulder. These simulations cover math, chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology and can be used from upper elementary to the college level. Some of the simulations are java or flash based and those will not work on ePortal, but the majority of them are HTML5, which will work, and any new simulations they develop will be HTML5 as well. (For HTML5 look for any simulations that have this symbol in the corner ). One of my favorites to play with is the balancing chemical equations game but the arithmetic grid is a great way to help students practice their facts while also teaching pattern recognition.


Subject: Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science

Grade Level: Elementary through college, although most of the content is middle and high school level

Price: Free

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