Why Work Hard?

Why Work Hard?

I’ll introduce our new product by discussing the quality of work. Sometimes people tend to confuse hard with with effectiveness. Hard word being its own reward, in effect. But sometimes–in fact, most times–its better to work smart than hard.

We’ll move on to cite the hardest work that I know of. If you have lots of PC’s you’ll find that you’re working very, very hard keeping them all secured, patched, updated, and stuffed with content. Having mobile devices only makes this job harder. In some cases that’s exactly what you ought to do–the applications that are run on these devices require you to maintain them locally. And you’re stuck with hard work.

But if you’re actually working hard to manage lots of PC’s that mostly just go to cloud-based applications or that run virtual desktops, they you ought to change over to a portal, which is a network-based device that provides secured, low-cost access to those cloud-based or virtual desktop applications. If this change happens, a lot of the cost, complexity and security problems associated with maintaining hordes of PC’s just drops away. Envision a solution that can be taken out of the box and handed to an employee or student, perfectly configured from scratch, in less than a minute. One that never gets viruses or worms, or for that matter ever has to have AV software loaded and maintained on it. Or one that can never have information stolen from it. One that costs a fraction of the cost of a regular PC, and one that the IT staff hardly ever has to manage.

Such a product exists now, and is being installed (whoops, being handed out) in a growing number of places today.

Visit our website in a little while to see more information on this product–we’ll have a separate tab on our website for ePortal, and then lots more information at that tab.


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