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It pleases me to no end to mark our company’s sixteenth year in business.  During that time we have designed, visit this site installed and deployed hundreds of networks, more about fifty-plus voice over IP systems (including one five-site system done for a commercial customer five hundred miles away in a matter of two days, to replace a failed PBX), several of our ‘Instant’ data centers, and a lot of network security.

Now, halfway through our second decade, we’re in the process of making a very interesting change from being a reseller of other companies’ products to being a manufacturer of products, the first of which is a completely different, secure, centrally managed end computing system.  All in all, it’s a very interesting time to be in the technology business.  The Chinese have a saying: ‘May you live in interesting times’, and they meant that as a curse.  For some established technology companies these times will, indeed, be cursed.  The multiple shocks of OpenFlow, OpenCompute, and OpenStack will dramatically change the technology landscape, and lead to the rise of quite different companies.  This environment of standardization and inter-operability will favor the insurgents and the nimble.  Of course MXN will be one of those nimble insurgents!