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Networked Voice and Collaboration 2024-05-03T12:58:23-05:00

Voice: virtual, physical combinations

We offer voice as a service that can be delivered from the cloud or from an on-premises appliance—or both, at the same time, if you don’t want to completely trust the performance of your critical communications to the Internet (don’t want a successful DDoS attack to wipe out paging and security systems, for example).


We design and build ultra-reliable voice over IP systems that work consistently, year-in and year-out, just like those old PBX’s used to do.

…and leading-edge

We then add a lot of new features like audio conferencing, collaboration, project management, call accounting, emergency notification, and outreach to employees, customers, constituents, and students. Most of this outreach is usable on smart phones and phablets—the new communications platform of choice.

Easily managed

You may be moving to a cloud-based system because you just don’t want to bother with the management of the phone system. We offer ‘the local cloud’ where we install voice controllers on site and manage them remotely for you. You get the same hands-off relationship with a new phone system, you get it at a lower cost, and your critical communications stay up when your internet is down or under attack.

Different sizes

We build small-to-large voice systems. We can also integrate them with cloud-based productivity suites and SIP-based systems.

The best SIP trunking

We also provide the industry’s most reliable, easiest-to-implement SIP trunks for external connections. Need to replace analog lines with SIP trunks? We probably have the best solution for you.

More disaster-proof

Your inbound and outbound calling can run over your existing internet connection, run over redundant Internet connections, and run over 5G cellular networks as a backup to the Internet. When all else fails people can use their cell phones, and the system will continue to run on them.

Inexpensive and easy

We take advantage of existing nationwide contracts to deliver these systems at superior costs, without the delays and uncertainty of bidding. If getting a great price on a very capable system without undue effort and time, and through an approved purchasing vehicle is interesting, we’d love to talk with you about it.

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