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Complete suite of support

We provide contract services and support to many of our clients. This service ranges from complete systems support that guarantees 24 x 7 monitoring and ready onsite replacement of any failed component, with regular system upgrades and regular onsite training of administrators and users on one end, to the sale of a standard block of technical support hours at a discounted rate for as-needed remote access help on the other end.

Need to almost outsource any part of your IT systems? Consider an MXN total care package for as much of your system as needed (many of our clients do this for their VoIP systems). Need just some occasional phone or dial-in consultation to help your IT staff get on top of the current issue? We have a lightweight, renewable contract that engages a staff of trained subject matter experts that dial in to help with VoIP, network, or security system issues.

More on that suite thing….

We use a suite of remote monitoring and dial-in tools that can give you advance warning of impending problems, and then place that trained expert on your network to work with you to solve those problems.

A La Carte, if you want it

Need occasional help without commitments? We’re willing to do a quote for any technical time requirement—for a project or for the resolution of an issue—on an as-needed basis. We’ll contact you, learn about your requirements, and put together a short proposal to provide you with the needed support. Send us a PO, and we’ll start to work for you. This isn’t a process that will work if your house is on fire, but it’s just fine for a known, pending technical requirement.

Contact us here to get information on any of our formal and informal support and service programs.

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