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We design and build dozens of networks a year, and are very good at it.  If you need to build a new network or improve your existing one, we deserve a closer look.


Our technical people are formally trained by the manufacturers we represent, and are highly skilled at what they do.  We have a brisk side-business in rescuing problem networks.


We use a variety of hardware to match the solution to the needs.


We design and build high-capacity wireless networks that serve thousands of wireless connections with ease.


We use intrinsically reliable network hardware from established suppliers and we can also make networks even more reliable by making them internally redundant.  We even build networks that support continuously available, redundant data centers.


We don’t blindly put as much hardware into a network implementation as possible, but look for ways to incorporate existing hardware into a newer, high-capacity, more reliable whole, and do selective network upgrades.  We can share our design guidelines with you on request.

Management and Security Overlays

We also add management systems that can view, control and report on a different types of networks, so you can use one management system to manage your existing and new wired and wireless network hardware, even if that’s from different manufacturers.  This will allow you to control your networks through transitions from one manufacturer’s offerings to another manufacturer’s offerings.  We also can overlay policy-based security systems that can protect and control different manufacturers’ hardware.

Onward and Upward

We take networks seriously, and are developing our own SDN-based management console to manage and secure networks even more effectively.

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