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Security—like other fashionable items—is better when layered, and we design and build security systems that way. It’s even better if the layers do the job in different ways, so as to complement each other.


We therefore add signature-based and behavior-based security together to make the whole system much more effective.


We can implement systems that protect the networks from attacks from the Internet, and we also protect high-value internal networks (data center networks, for example) from the rest of the internal networks. Most times a single appliance can do both jobs at the same time.


We protect the edge of the network, with software installed on the edge devices to regulate their access to the network and networked resources, and to insure that they are always free of malware and other problem programs. We also provide a hack-free, virus-and-worm free edge device that can’t be used to steal organizational information.

…and Middle

We overlay behavior-based systems to protect the network itself by discovering and trapping malware and unauthorized actions. These systems are designed to protect a wide variety of networked devices from attack—and include SCADA systems supporting utilities as well as traditional IT assets.

Inexpensive; easy

None of these security products and applications is very expensive—all are much less expensive than your next successful attack—and are easily implemented (ease of implementation is the result of choosing the right products and knowing what you’re doing in the first place). And we choose security products for their ease-of-use, after implementation.

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