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Unless you've been living under a rock you know several facts: more and more networks are being attacked--successfully--by ransomware and other forms of malware, and the problem is getting worse. The miracle of networking means that everyone can now be attacked, and since a single ransomware package can be written and deployed across the Internet [...]

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I had a couple of chats with CIO's this past week. In the first chat we were talking a network refresh, and the comment was made that network and computing hardware were fast becoming commodities. If you have bought any of these recently you know that's true. What's not well understood is that the consequences [...]

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The Death of The Internet?

This is something to ponder. For the past twenty-odd years it's been possible to freely move around the Internet, from resource to resource, all the while using the same browser. The freely-used Internet is about to be replaced with the launching of applications; generally stored on the edge device and then accessing remote (cloud-based) resources [...]

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Why Work Hard?

I'll introduce our new product by discussing the quality of work. Sometimes people tend to confuse hard with with effectiveness. Hard word being its own reward, in effect. But sometimes--in fact, most times--its better to work smart than hard. We'll move on to cite the hardest work that I know of. If you have lots [...]

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VideoConferencing for Idiots

I'd talk about this new product even if we didn't sell it.  Videoconferencing has long been stymied by the fact that it's actually hard to use.  Some of that has been the state of the technology, and some of that has been the inability of videoconferencing vendors to make their products actually usable.  So it [...]

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IT In Chunks

One of the challenges in running an IT shop is finding time in the day to actually do your work. Most of our clients are pressed for time, and their workdays stretch on and on into the evenings. One answer is to make as much of your IT base nonstop, so that there are no [...]

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A Little Bombshell from Apple and the FCC

FOLKS--You may have missed it, but Apple recently introduced the concept of e-books. They said that the plan to introduce e-books, and that no e-book will cost more than $16. They're also making their e-book development environment open to people who want to write and publish e-books. So Apple has just legitimized this embryonic business. [...]

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Apple Does It (To You)–Again

Well, Apple has announced support for electronic textbooks, legitimizing this embryonic business. iBooks Author is a free software app for Mac's that will help authors create and publish their own e-textbooks. They're also broadening iTunes U by adding apps that allow professors to create full online courses with assignments, books, quizzes, and syllabi. And Apple [...]

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A New World!

FOLKS-- It's probably fitting to be a little grandiose on this, the first Bob Blog (BLOB) of our revamped website, and paint the world with a large brush. So here goes... We here at MXN see a huge paradigm shift afoot, comparable with the seismic shift from amber-and-green terminals in the late 1970's and early [...]

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