MXN offers formal and ad-hoc support to complement manufacturer support—and we work together with all of our manufacturer partners to provide integrated, complete support.

Formal Support Services

Mitel Software Assurance

Keeps your software current, provides for monitoring and alert notifications and we troubleshoot your system when it’s not working correctly.

Mitel Hardware & Software Assurance

This level of support includes the Software Assurance package PLUS we provide on-site service and repair when necessary.

MXN Support

Provides 8 hours of remote assistance for most networking and phone system issues. Also provides MXN’s basic email response for all the products that we sell. Create support tickets on-line, via email or telephone and receive discounts for on-site services.

 Ad-Hoc Program

This level of service requires no formal contract and is available to any organization. We provide remote assistance for networking and phone system issues. Standard rates apply and credit card payment only.

If MXN already provides your organization with Mitel support, consider adding the MXN Support option to handle all of your adds, moves and changes.  Any of these service and support plans will pay for themselves with the first few technical problems resolved. And any of them will catch issues before they cause problems, which will cover their costs with the first problem avoided.