We configure networks to support secure communications by using all of the security features present in the top-of-the-line network equipment we use.  We add security products from several vendors to provide end-to-end security against hacks, intrusion, attacks, and data theft.

We offer security products from Fortinet and Attivo Networks, and we configure these products to provide protection against attack with a minimum of ongoing management.   We understand that most organizations don’t have dedicated security staffs with extensive security training, and also don’t need to be continually bombarded with hundreds of spurious security alerts.  So we provide and configure products that only alert when something significant is ongoing.  We provide layered security by protecting the central connections to the Internet, inside the network, and now at the edge of the network.  More on the network edge: we offer anti-virus and NAC/MDM products for traditional computers and portable devices, and if absolute edge security without add-on products is needed, we offer our own ePortal secure tablet computer product.