Learning Designer is a tool that helps you create lesson plans that incorporate many different learning experiences.  You name your lesson, describe it, and write up some outcomes that you want your students to achieve through the lesson.  Once you have the general framework, you can begin adding TLAs (Teaching and Learning Activities).  Each TLA is coded with the type of learning experience the students will undergo, the time the activity will take, and how many students are in each group, from one student (individual work) to a whole class group.  Once all the TLAs for the lesson have been added, the program will calculate how long the entire lesson will last and the proportion of the types of learning experiences.  Teachers can choose to then export the lesson plan (including outcomes and time limits) to a Microsoft Word document.  This is a great tool to use for designing blended learning or flipped classroom lessons and can be used to design lessons for use with ePortal both in and out of the classroom.

Learning Designer

Click here for a how-to video from the University of Leeds