Preparing for the Future with AI

//Preparing for the Future with AI

Preparing for the Future with AI

Ask someone what they think a world of artificial intelligence will look like and they’ll probably describe something that sounds like it comes from a Terminator movie.  But what many people may not realize is that we are already living with a lot of artificial intelligence in our day to day lives.  Siri or Cortana or the Google Now assistant are the most visible forms of AI and it is becoming more incorporated in everything we do with each innovation in computer science.  Teachers, professors, and job creators are making noise about the way that automation and AI will change the employment landscape for future workers, but some of them are asking the wrong questions.  Several experts have put together a guide on how AI will change what employees do or how they work and how teachers can hep prepare students for the changing workplace landscape.  The main takeaway: students and teachers need to focus on preparing for jobs of the future, not cling to jobs of the past.

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